Sharyn Steele

Build Business Credit

What Is Business Credit?

Find out the TOP reasons you can be denied funding for your business

Learn the strategies to get funding for your business even when the bank won’t lend you one DOLLAR!

Learn the strategies on how to:

  • Leverage business credit, instead of maxing out your personal credit cards to start and grow an Air BNB Business
  • How to build your business profiles to maximize approval limits
  • Learn the secrets to setting up your business credit profiles to ensure you get automatic approvals for funding
  • Learn the strategies to get business credit scores in 30-60 days without wasting money on useless tradelines that don’t report the account to the business bureaus
  • Structure your business to receive credit, with or WITHOUT a PG or hassle from lenders
  • How to Find Local Banks and Credit Unions that are lending
  • Learn the secrets behind how to interview banks and talk to lenders with confidence to ensure you get your application approved
  • Learn what banks offer funding WITHOUT showing Tax Returns and Bank Statements so you don’t get blindsided when you apply for funding
  • Learn the strategies on how to obtain 50,00-100,000 in funding in as little as 30 days without walking into a bank!
  • Learn the formula to gain access to unlimited funding
  • Learn the step-by-step blueprint to obtaining MILLIONS in funding in a streamlined process
  • Learn how to get unlimited funding for MULTIPLE businesses you own and never have to worry about funding for your business again.
  • Never pay a “funding” company 10-20% for low limit cards and high-interest lines of credit again!
  • Let’s help your business get access to $250,000 in funding in our private group